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NiteLiteVapor v-Liquids Descriptions

Formulated in a blended combination of 65% PG and 35% VG.

Available in 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg nicotine per milliliter (ml) in plastic dropper bottles and Mini Jugs with Child Safety Caps/Lids.

You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase and use our products.

BluBerry Beach

New in November 2013! This flavorful Vapor Liquid has been raved about throughout our beta reviews by long time NLV customers. True to it's name, BluBerry Beach is "berry good" from start to finish. You will definitely find the blueberries, but with an added infusion that makes this flavor rise to the occasion.

Bounty Hunter

Our Best Seller !

Provides a great inhale/exhale and extends a variety of taste descriptions from many customers.

Some say Bounty Hunter tastes like a breakfast cereal combo with a slight tobacco finish, while others claim this v-Liquid reminds them of vanilla wafer cookies, angel food cake, or possibly Twinkies. Bounty Hunter is easily an all-day-vape and is ranked amongst the "Top Three E-Liquids" of 2011 by ECF members.

NLV Gold

Another BEST Seller that is giving Bounty Hunter a run for the money.

Review by Carlton, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)

NLV Gold - It has a dark, maybe toasted, tobacco flavor. It reminds me of something I can't quite place, maybe a Swisher Sweet or a cigarillo? It's been a long while since I smoked one of those, so it's difficult to recall. On the inhale it has a bit of sweetness, but on the exhale is where it really shines. I think someone else said it was a robust flavor. I agree. Robust in so far that it's a full mouth flavor. All of your tongue gets used as the vapor passes by. But it's not overpowering or heavy handed, just smooth. It's fantastic and I foresee mini-jug purchases in my future.


NEW! A fantastic tropical fruit cocktail. No banana or coconut.


A 5-star offering from NLV that has a fresh apple pie or applesauce taste with just a touch of cinnamon on top the mild tobacco blend. All contained in a wonderfully flakey butter crust, toasted to perfection.


One of the most sought after v-Liquids on our menu. Renegade was originally categorized as a RY-4 variant. Meaning that it had similarities to the famously acclaimed RY-4 (short for Ruyan #4) which was a very popular v-Liquid mixture of four basic flavors: a tobacco base, a meek nutty flavor, caramel, and vanilla. But unlike Ruyan #4, Renegade also integrates a combination of mixed spices which grants this e-liquid an identity of it's own. It is now no longer considered a RY-4 "variant" by NLV, primarily because it does not incorporate any nutty flavor and the caramel and vanilla flavors are very mild. A lot of our NLV veteran customers have given us the thumbs up for letting Renegade be Renegade, severing it's ties to the RY-4 family. And by definition, that is what a renegade is... one who rejects conventional behavior.

Cold Creek

Arctic Mint Freshness that will cool your taste buds!
You can vape this one straight or mix it with your other favorite NLV flavors for just that perfect inter-mixture of iciness.

Line Rider

Line Rider v-Liquid has similarities to the Vaping Industry's widely acclaimed 555 tobacco v-Liquid.

Harbor Nite

NEW for 2013!

Virginia tobacco with a nutty chocolate flavor throughout the vape. Tastes creamy... slight chocolate... tiny bit nutty... mild tobacco. The "nutty" flavor seems to come first... then a subtle mocha / coco flavor... not a sweet chocolate. The Virginia tobacco tends to ride hand and hand with this flavor combination making it a winner!


This unique tobacco v-Liquid is excellent all on it's own, but is also very popular for it's mixing capabilities with other NLV v-Liquids such as Waffles.

Example: Suggested mix is 3/4 Twilite with 1/4 Waffles which will give you somewhat of a more flue-cured tobacco flavor.


Fruit lovers beware, you may just fall in LOVE this perfect blend from the trees of popular fruit.

Review by Allazar from ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forums)

This is a heavenly blend perfectly mixed of apple, peach, and pear where no one flavor overrides another. This is without a doubt my favorite fruit flavor from any vendor! Even people that do not normally enjoy fruit flavors typically fall in love with this one! I suspect that as more people that are interested in flavors that do not include tobacco hear about NLV, that this one will continue to increase in sales and might even challenge the top 3 eventually!

Vanilla Strait

We fashioned Vanilla Strait with a variety of blended vanillas to achieve what we feel is the near perfect Vanilla vape. The result is very smooth and luscious. Vanilla Strait can also be used to enhance other v-liquids in a final mix.


This exquisite cup of Cappuccino v-Liquid is alluring. Expect a bit more than above average with this blend of perfection. Some say it gives hints of caramel and vanillas with a slight Irish creme topping all through the vape.

NLV Waffles

Review by Billherbst, a member of ECF (Electronic Cigarette Forum)

Waffles: What can I say? It's waffles. Not too maple syrupy, but enough to let me know it's there. Same with butteriness. Not overly buttery, just the right amount. My brain gets fooled (which is what we want) into remembering the taste of waffles that have browned and crispy crusts covering soft, fluffy innards. Yum.

Caramel Reef

Orchestrated caramel flavorings in concert with mingling sweet tobacco highlights. Many NLV customers enjoy vaping this unique blend on it's own. Also used as an excellent mixer to add a touch of caramel deliciousness to other finished vapor liquids. A must have for your Vaping Pantry.

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